wedding photography for free?

Tight budget?

Don't worry - with our Wedding Photography Registry, you could end up having professional wedding photography for as little as $200, or possibly even for free!

If you've already set up house, there are probably only half a dozen things you would really like as gifts - perhaps things like a new dinner set and a coffeemaker, but what would you like from the other 50 or so guests?

Set up a Bon Vivre Wedding Photography registry with us and as few as 17 guests could pay for all of your wedding photography... 

You may end up with the best of everything for free!


For example:
25 guests contributing just $50 each - will pay for all the shots taken at the wedding ceremony

17 guests contributing $100 each - will pay for all the ceremony shots as well as a beautiful professional quality album

27 guests contributing $100 each - will pay for all shots of the wedding ceremony as well as bride getting ready shots and a beautiful album

Yes, you can have your wedding cake and eat it too.

How does it work?

Just set it up with us prior to printing your invitations, and mention it on your invitations to send your guests to our Wedding Gift Registry page.

We will send you an email every time a guest makes a deposit so you can see what your budget is by  the time your wedding comes around.
That's one less thing for you to have to worry about.

To see how your guests can contribute to your wedding photography, go to  wedding gift registry